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The trusted accessorial identification service for the LTL Industry: providing API access to location data that drives profit, streamlines operations, and improves billing accuracy.

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Companies representing every key stakeholder in the LTL industry leverage Shiplify to solve accessorial headaches once and for all, turning a nagging challenge into a competitive advantage. 

LTL Shippers

Don’t just take the accessorial charge on the chin. Set your shipments up for success.

LTL 3PLs and Brokers

Don’t let the best-laid plans get derailed by unexpected accessorials. Deliver for your clients.

LTL Carriers

Don’t leave accessorial identification and fee collection to chance. Know before you deliver.

"Are Hidden Fees a Pain in Your Accessorial?"

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Unleash the Power of Geospatial Infrastructure Enhanced by Machine Learning AI

Shiplify anticipates the performance requirements of today’s LTL shippers, 3PLs, brokers, and carriers by strategically leveraging the technology of tomorrow.

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